The ACPTMD aims to promote evidenced based physiotherapy in the management of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). With this in mind the ACPTMD can provide a bursary to those undertaking their dissertation for an MSc* in Physiotherapy.

The Dissertation Bursary Award has a number of objectives

  • To provide financial support to cover the cost of MSc*dissertations.
  • To facilitate research in the Physiotherapeutic management of Orofacial pain & TMD.
  • To raise the profile of ACPTMD as the UK’s National Clinical Interest Group in the Physiotherapeutic management of Orofacial Pain & TMD

The successful applicant(s) of the MSc* Dissertation Bursary Award will receive:

  • £500 to contribute to the cost of their dissertation module only.
  • Advice & support from the ACPTMD committee in relation to topics & regions of research currently needing investigating. The ACPTMD will not replace the support and guidance of the student’s dissertation supervisor.

MSc Dissertation Bursary Award – conditions of the award

  • The student must be undertaking their MSc* in the United Kingdom on a recognised MSc* Physiotherapy pathway.
  • The topic of the dissertation must advance the understanding in the diagnosis & management of Orofacial Pain & TMD and therefore have the support of the ACPTMD.
  • A 500 word synopsis of the findings of the dissertation must be produced and sent to the ACPTMD within 3 months of completing their period of study.
  • Any publications, posters, or press releases that relate to work supported by the award should acknowledge the ACPTMD.

Application procedure

  • The applicant must complete the application form below.
  • A CV should also be submitted (not exceeding one side of A4) with the application form.
  • The applicant must provide evidence of the cost of their MSc dissertation module and registration on their MSc*.
  • The applicant is heavily encouraged to liaise with the ACPTMD Research Officer well in advance of the submission of their application if they are looking for advice around pertinent areas to focus their dissertation research and question.

Judgement of application 

  • The application will be judged by the ACPTMD committee at each quarterly meeting.
  • It is advisable that the application is submitted at least approximately 4 weeks prior to the ACPTMD quarterly meeting
  • Judgment will normally be conveyed in writing to the applicant within 2 weeks of the meeting.
  • The decision of the research committee will be final.

*It is expected that most applicants for this bursary will be undertaking an MSc. However the ACPTMD will consider other academic or research pathways such BSc awards.

Apply online

Application and supporting evidence must be submitted electronically.

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