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  • European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders 2017

    ACPTMD members attended the European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders 2017 in Barcelona.  Speakers covered topics ranging from Pharmacogenics in Orofacial pain, validated diagnostic criteria for TMD, bruxism updates, cervicogenic headaches and the role of dentists and physiotherapists in the multidisciplinary approach to TMD.

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  • Frontline Article on Temporomandibular disorders

    Phillip Bateman, ACPTMD committee member and tutor provided a Clinical Update article on Temporomandibular disorders for Frontline. The article includes guidelines for safe and effective management of common TMD, assessment and treatment. www.csp.org.uk/tmd

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  • Advanced Orofacial Management course with NVOF

    A member of the Dutch Orofacial Physiotherapy Association (NVOF) ran an advanced Orofacial Management course in October 2016. This included complex orofacial pain presentations and explored links between TMD and headaches, discussing management of complex case studies.  ACPTMD plans to run this course in the UK in the future.

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  • American Academy of Orofacial Pain 2016 Conference

    Two committee members were invited to attend the 2016 American Academy of Orofacial Pain conference in Orlando, Florida. Some of the most interesting topics covered of relevance to the physiotherapy profession included: the latest evidence on mechanisms underlying chronic facial pain and headache; trigeminal nerve physiology and pathology; biopsychosocial management of peripherally and centrally mediated

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  • Dutch Orofacial Committee (NVOF) visits Manchester

    “In October 2015, members of the Dutch Orofacial Committee (NVOF) visited the Manchester TMD Clinic at the Dental Hospital and observed Stephen Davies and colleagues in his clinic. A physio patient observation session with discussion also took part. This proved very useful in strengthening links with our European colleagues and comparing treatment and management techniques.”

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  • TMD Management lecture to ASSIGNw Group

    Cathy Gordon was invited to talk about the management of TMD to the ASSIGNw group members. This group treats many Ankylosing Spondylitus patients with TMD, however it was highlighted that there is no evidence supporting treatment in this group of patients. Hopefully more closer links for management of this group will develop in the future.

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  • ACPTMD members invited to the 25th Anniversary of the Dutch Association of Physiotherapists

    Committee members from ACPTMD were invited to the 25th Anniversary of NVOF (Association of Dutch Orofacial Physiotherapists) on 25th April 2015. The main speaker was Susan Olivo, BScPT, MScPT, PhD, a research physiotherapist from the University of Alberta in Canada. She discussed the links between the cervical spine and craniofacial pain and investigated the relationship

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  • Dutch Link leads to development of a UK TMD Masters module

    ACPTMD have formed links with Dutch Physiotherapists specialising in Orofacial pain, namely Anton de Wijer who is a leading clinical and research physiotherapist in Orofacial pain in the Netherlands.  There are various Masters and PhD courses running at Nijmegen and Utrecht.  Topics include orofacial pain and dysfunction, bruxism, jaw dysfunction in children, headaches in children and the association

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  • The role of physiotherapy in the management of TMD

    Recent article published: http://www.smile-onnews.com/article/view/the-role-of-physiotherapy-in-the-management-of-tmd

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  • Multidisciplinary team provides service for Temporomandibular Patients

    The King’s TMJ MDT clinic is the first clinic of its kind in the UK and was established in 2009. The King’s TMJ MDT clinic is attended by: Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultant in Oral Medicine & Facial Pain Specialist Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist Specialist TMJ Physiotherapist There is also access to a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist and Restorative Dentist Each patient is assessed concurrently by all specialists and a combined

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