Multidisciplinary team provides service for Temporomandibular Patients

The King’s TMJ MDT clinic is the first clinic of its kind in the UK and was established in 2009.

The King’s TMJ MDT clinic is attended by:

  • Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Consultant in Oral Medicine & Facial Pain Specialist
  • Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist
  • Specialist TMJ Physiotherapist

There is also access to a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist and Restorative Dentist

Each patient is assessed concurrently by all specialists and a combined approach adopted to their management. Prior to its implementation in October 2009,  Mr Shaun Matthews (Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon),  Helen Cowgill (Specialist TMJ Physiotherapist) and Ms Cristina Nacher (Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist) visited a similar clinic in Vienna,  Austria and used this as a model for establishing the King’s TMJ MDT clinic. The Vienna clinic was based on clinicians discussing as a group, how best to proceed with management. The main and most noticeable difference between the King’s and the Vienna clinic is that the King’s clinic is held with the patient being simultaneously examined and discussed by all members of the multi-disciplinary team and a bespoke, collective treatment plan is formulated.

The clinic is presently held on a monthly basis and each patient is allocated a 45 minute appointment slot. The patients reviewed within the clinic are those that have not responded to conservative management approaches.  The triage of all patients being referred onto this clinic is undertaken by Mr. Matthews,  the Maxillofacial Consultant Surgeon in-charge, so as to expedite the provision of care in a suitable time frame.

The results from the first two years of the clinic indicate a significant improvement in patients’ maximal mouth opening and pain scores. Of the patients attending the clinic, 94% reported improvements in their quality of life scores and 91% were successfully discharged after being comprehensively treated. 56% of patients attending the clinic had more than one modality of treatment, thereby emphasising our multidisciplinary approach.

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