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Course dates and venues

We are pleased to announce our new online course!

Physiotherapy Management of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

Date: 23rd January 2021

Course content:

  • Relevant clinical anatomy
  • Classification of TMD
  • Physiotherapy assessment of the masticatory system
  • Physiotherapy treatment for TMD
  • Case studies & clinical reasoning

Booking and more details coming soon…………


Stretch jaw physiotherapy

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Facial Palsy

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Course feedback

  • Physiotherapy Management of Temporomandibular Dysfunction Course

    Glasgow Nov. 2019

    Overall a very good course. I really enjoyed it.

    Really relevant to the patinets I see. Course strengths included the practical tips, presentation and patient handouts and outcome-questionnaires.

    A really good balance between theory and practical-the practical elements were good.

    Course strengths included presentations, videos, clarity and structure.

    Rochdale July 2019

    Open to answering questions.

    Brilliant tutor. Relaxed atmosphere.

    Logical approach to managing TMD-putting knowledge into practice.

    A good balance between theory and practical. Pragmatic.

    Bristol 09/03/19

    Good logical process to assessment. Clear treatment options with time to practice.

    Good foundation for assessment and treatment.

    I’ve learnt a lot of practical tips and techniques that I can implement quickly into my current practice.

    Thank-you, wonderful course.

    Good pace, very interactive.

    Newcastle 09/02/19

    Very clear and full view of assessment and treatment. Great lecture, not boring for a minute.

    Great content, well paced and distributed with theory/ practical.

    Enjoyed all treatment techniques and assessment.

    Good pace, teaching well explained.

    Tutor very knowledgable and personable.





  • Acupuncture Course on Orofacial pain

    Tutor: George Chia, Sheffield 1/2/2014

    “Very interesting”
    “Good practical aspect”
    “Good to observe needling”
    “Great teacher”
    “Good mix of practical and case studies”