Ina Alberts

Tutor: Ina Alberts - Specialist OFP/TMD Physiotherapist

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy 1985; Manual Therapy Masters 2007
  • Graduated as a Gnathologist Physiotherapist 2016
  • Owner of Fysiosmile Physiotherapy Practice
  • Multidisciplinary approach collaborating with ENT and Dental Surgeons
  • Associate Lecturer at Saxion University and The SOMT University
Carine van der Spuij

Tutor: Ina Alberts - Specialist OFP/TMD Physiotherapist

  • Studied Dentistry at Groningen 1982-1990
  • Progressive Orthodontic Seminars 1996-1998
  • Post-graduate Program in Gnathology/OFP 2013-2016
  • Owner of C.A. van der Spuij Dental Practice in Halsteren
  • Dentist-gnathologist specialist at Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp
  • Course details

    Date: Saturday, 12th May 2018 (8.30 am – 4.45 pm)

    Venue: Physiotherapy Dept, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport SK2 7JE

    Cost: £149 (£129 early bird discount if book by 1st April 2018)

    CPD: 6 hours

  • Course content

    • Classification of OFP & TMD
    • Dental, neuropathic and psychosomatic aspects of OFP
    • Bruxism and sleep disorders
    • Assessment of the masticatory system
    • Case studies and treatment option

Learning Objectives

  • Able to classify OFP and jaw dysfunctions
  • Able to recognize and name dental aspects of OFP
  • Able to recognize and name the neurological aspects of OFP
  • Able to assess a patient with TMD in relation to headache and neck pain
  • Able to use tests and questionnaires and know their clinimetric properties
  • Able to identify when to refer for specialist and multidisciplinary management

Who should attend?

  • Physiotherapists with an interest in OFP
  • The anatomy of the masticatory system is presumed to be known
Course Programme
Timing       Activity
08.30-09.00 hour Welcome
09.00-10.30 hour
  • Introduction
  • Classification of OFP: AAOP, DC/TMD, ICHD-3, Neck Pain Task Force, Zawkresk
10.30-10.45 hour Coffee break
10.45-12.00 hour
  • Dental aspect of OFP
  • Bruxism and sleep disorders
  • Neurologic aspects of OFP
12.00-13.00 hour Lunch break
13.00-14.30 hour
  • Patient presentation and medical history
  • Somatic, cognition, emotion, behaviour and social dimensions of chronic pain
  • Questionnaires
  • Intra-oral and extra-oral dental inspection
  • Active and passive testing • Diagnosis
  • Red Flags for the dentist and orofacial physiotherapist
14.30-14.45 hour Coffee break
14.45-16.45 hour
  • Case studies
  • Treatment options: Kalimir; Yoda: Menaki; Splint therapy; dry and wet needling

Equipment will be provided: Gloves, torches, rulers (disinfectant)